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The Soulpreneur

What is a "soulpreneur"?

Well, from my experience, it is someone who surrenders their life to "God" (replace wih a word you can relate to) and receives the freedom to live in true peace and joyful liberty, on a mission to make the world a better place! And yes, for the last eight years I have been experimenting with this theory and can confirm it has been truly working!

Before moving from Bath to Frome in 2010, on what happened to be the Jewish New Year, I was concerned that there wouldn't be much work in the area but felt compelled to take a leap of faith and use the skills that I'd developed during my time at the NHS to create a "homemade" business, meditating regularly to ask the universe for help, support and signs...

"Oh the times they are-a-changing

Surrender to the flow

Stay present in each moment

And wait until you know

Tune into your instincts

And watch for all the signs

Then take a leap of faith

and walk the golden line..."

Sara Vian

And thus I was delivered to a state of utter peace and flow - "the unforced rhythms of grace" - Matthew 28-30 and it literally felt like christmas! I felt complete trust in "the wave" that had washed me onto the beach of Frome's shores and felt like a child with some kind of heavenly sun shining down on me!

But even though the liberty makes you feel like a child, the adult needs to be disciplined enough to maintain this - the structure of the trellis holds the cultivated rose; we need to "align with the divine" regularly and mindfully co-write a positive script for ourselves, as the line "so you want to be free but are you disciplined enough?" in the song "I know what I'm here for" by James reveals! (thanks Steve Creffield)

And now, eight years later on, even though my state of mind does fluctuate (if not maintained) and I can forget what I once realised, I am returning to source; to a season of joyful motivation, and getting clear about helping myself and others trust, surrender and listen to the guidance from that which is much greater than us; the rhythmic intelligence that keeps the seasons turning, the planets revolving around the sun and our inherent DNA becoming what it is destined to be as the sunflower seed becomes the sunflower.

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