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The Philosophical PA

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Philosophy - "Middle English: from Old French philosophie, via Latin from Greek philosophialove of wisdom’." - www.lexico.com

It all started with being afflicted by boredom and evasiveness (ADHD?); I had a severe "god gap", having been brought up in a very western materialistic society where my only access to any form of spirituality was the tedious assemblies and religious education lessons in our institutionalised state school.

My "god gap" was so bad that I ended up self-destructing with excessive amounts of junk food, TV, computer games and later on, partying which led me into a state of such divine discontent that I had to do something about it, and thus began the quest for my soul, roots and culture; and the understanding that true freedom is found through self-control.

In a nutshell, Graceful Solutions' foundation is rooted in a combination of the basic principles of Buddhism, Taoism and Tai Chi, from which I learned to be present with the emptiness I was feeling and let it pass rather than try to distract myself from it with addictive behaviour. I also learned how to become aware of my thoughts and actions, and realised that I had the choice of choosing good and wholesome things that would make me feel good (up) or bad things that would make me feel bad (down).

I started to exercise, and worked out how to slow that right down into the moment too so that I could enjoy the journey and satisfy my inner hedonist that would not and could not do delayed gratification.

I also discovered that there is a sort of sun-ray at the centre of my being that I needed to surrender to and work with, that peace is the foundation of order and that if we harness ourselves to choose postive thoughts we can literally write the script of tomorrow and cultivate a state of love rather than fear, which results in a positive outcome.

And now I am exploring our christian heritage, which seems to confirm all of that; and I am fascinated to realise that what some of us thought was a "fascist regime" is actually founded on noble aspirations of community and values (beyond the dogma!), which don't mean a thing if they're not delivered with love (1 Corinthians 13)

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