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The Multi-Faceted Diamond

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Image by Stefan Kuhn from Pixabay

I found the term "multi-faceted diamond" in an otherwise unremarkable book when I first embarked on being a soulpreneur and felt it was a good term for Graceful Solutions because I seemed to have a range of skills that I was a little confused about putting together in one package and marketing.

I recently embarked on a Virtual Assistant course which describes the role as "a professional problem-solver who enables the client to identify and achieve their goals" which isn't too dissimilar to a coach; and helping my clients get visionary is the most exciting part of my job!

I can then also help to resource simple, practical and smart solutions for helping you to achieve your objectives and enjoy the journey because life is just too precious to not be making the most of each moment.

I'm now also integrating my other hat, Sara Vian Music, and recently played at one of my client's art exhibition closing party.

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