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Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Tangled Bones - Kate Cochrane

I went to see one of my favourite clients speak about her art yesterday at the Black Swan Arts Centre in Frome, which I heard a rumour is getting a respectable reputation nationally and posssibly internationally?

Kate Cochrane, artist and chair of the Black Swan Guild, is a favourite client because I get excited by her talent, passion, organisation(!) and ambition, and when she gets spurred, I get inspired ideas to help my client achieve their objectives.

I'm considering changing my title to "Celebrity PA" because I am at my best working for people who are jut focussing on what they are passionate about... "Realising mortality, we must celebrte this life" was a line I wrote after losing my sister in a car crash when I was sixteen (and she was twenty three) which was a brutal wake up call to mortality and life!

Celebrate (v.) - mid-15c. General sense of "commemorate or honor with demonstrations of joy" is from 1550s; formerly it also could be with demonstrations of sorrow or regret.

... which also links up with how I interpreted the talk from another of the artists featured at the Body Art Talk, Rev. Jane Sheppard, a ceramicist (and interfaith minister) who has a passion for jars of clay and their symbology...

The talk seemed to edge more toward using one of Jane's urns to put your ashes in when you've died but I was more focussed on the metaphor of our body being like a jar of clay (that the Master Potter remoulds) which contains the life force - OLE!

"We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-

surpassing power is from God and not from us." - 2 Corinthians: 4-7

I can understand this passage because my aspiration, as an artist, is to get my small and self-conscious ego out of the way and channel "the divine" daaahling! I also disovered that the dead sea scrolls were buried in jars of clay apparently.


And then after the talk I went along to the Roots Session at the Grain Bar also in Frome, and was impressed by the soul and self-possession of the first act, Tamsin Quinn which was then followed by an emerging alt-folk-jazz(?) band with particularly charismatic vocals called Rivers of England; and as a musician myself, it occurred to me how we need to just do our work for its own sake and not worry about whether its perfect or whether people like our style or buy it; we just need to get fully immersed in the pleasure and the passion and the message (if we have one), and that in turn will certainly touch the right people, and earn enough respect for them to pay us a fair price for our service and connection.

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