• Sara Vian

Surrender to the Great Plan

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash

I'm still managing to get up at 5am-ish to spend a couple of hours studying ancient philosophy(!) and meditating in the blissful silence of the morning (with Joe le Chat). I'm in the rhythm of it now and feel stabilised by its structure; like a climbing rose supported by its trellis.

As a "soulpreneur" it is imperitive that I remain connected to the rhythmic peace and inner guidance to stay in control of my life and not miss the signs and opportunities so taking the time to lay the foundation is priority; and surprisingly I have been feeling a great sense of wellbeing because if your "cup runneth over" with the excitement of surrendering to a sun-kissed Great Plan, and you can maintain alignment, then you're too bubbling over to get tired!!! (except for needing well-earned breaks of course)

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