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Small Good Stuff

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I invited my disabled neighbour in for a cup of tea today because he seems to have one problem after another and I couldn't stand by any longer so just asked him what he feels he needs to do to sort his life out.

We used the "Trello" app which I normally use for my business clients' project management and created a "board" specifically for him on which he happily listed the jobs that need doing with great clarity.

Trello is so much easier than using the SMART approach - you just identify what you need to do, break the steps down into a checklist, add a due date, and then sort the whole list into due date order - bam! We also created a Google calendar share and I am going to remind him of appointments and sign-post him to great resources such as Fair Frome, Active and in Touch, Health Connections and the Community Car scheme ete.

Seeing what a difference this has made to someone who seems not to be getting the support they need from the authorities to move forward with their life has prompted me to register onto the Small Good Stuff website which offers this sort of thing professionally.

Now to find him funding as I can't keep giving all my time away for free - can I?

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