• Sara Vian

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

"Before enlightenment , chopping wood and fetching water

After enlightenment, chopping wood and fetching water"

Make the ordinary extraordinary by being fully present in each moment and remaining connected to your soul. Something I badly had to seek out and learn because I had a terrible problem with boredom when I was younger and was constantly trying to fill the "god gap" with food or drugs or entertainment; and work just felt like tedious slavery.

Even when I was enjoying something I dreaded it coming to an end and feeling empty again. I suffered terrible discontent and evasiveness until I discovered meditation and the principle of accepting the process instead of distracting myself. I fathomed how to mindfully transform my chores into the art of work by getting dead centre and tuning into the wonder of my own soul, which made life pleasurable and fulfilling - enthusiastic!

I'd discovered an escape route from the grind into a thick, christmassy peace and subtle sacred perfection, which was just great for satisfying my inner hedonist or maybe the term "epicurean" is a better word as it seems to embody more simplicity and virtue, whilst keeping peace and pleasure at the forefront!

Celebrare questa vita!

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