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Light, Hope and Solutions

Photo by Lucie Dawson on Unsplash

I was invited to sing at The Extinction Cabaret this weekend - a low-key event held in a pub in the middle of Leicester which invited the attendees to share poems or songs about "the planet" and a lady from XR Leicester came to brief us on how life is in great danger so we need to either get ourselves up to London to support "The Rebellion" or donate money to help with the costs incurred by the (intentional) arrests.

It was heavy and the lady from XR didn't look too happy with me when I said so BUT by the end of the evening we'd shared some interesting ideas and I felt inspired by the fact that people had gotten behind the mic and shared their point of view; democracy in action!

Then on the way home, we stopped off in Stratford upon Avon to visit the church where William Shakespeare is buried to continue the "bardic" theme and serendiptitiously met a guy called "Andy Van Driver" in a restaurant, who began to share his story of how he once drove a vehicle for Roger Hallam, the co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, on a previous mission prior to XR.

So I looked Hallam up and watched a couple of videos on his website which portray a Very Bad News biblical prophecy of imminent climate change, social breakdown, mass starvation and slaughter of our children if we don't act now!!! He says it's all science-based and similar to a doctor warning someone who continues to smoke that they will develop cancer in the future if they don't stop smoking now. An understandable theory but the way he puts it across is deadly serious and he calls for sacrifical civil disobedience and putting oneself in harm's way because "we're going to suffer in the future so we may as well suffer now".

We need some light, hope and solutions...

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