• Sara Vian

Keep Calm and Carry On!

A strange contrast - the beginning of spring yet human life is threatened globally.

The Coronavirus pandemic is shutting society down and a world that is normally hellbent on financial security is being forced into reverse, with governments paying people's wages, everyone (or most) pulling together to look out for each other, excessive flights are being cancelled, political unrest is not appropriate and the police are singing to keep spirits up!

It's the stuff of fantasy novels, and it seems to me that this is Nature being very clever - managing to achieve what eco warriors, religious folk, left-wing politicians and educated humanitarians have been trying to achieve for aeons!

"There is something inside of you worth more than all the money in the world" - Prem Rawat

... so be still, ask and ye shall receive - guidance in every full and present moment (and listen to The Gov!)

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