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Recommend you listen to today's tune whilst you read this...

"Combination of tones pleasing to the ear; from Old French "harmonie" & "armonie" - also the name of a musical instrument (12c.); from Latin "harmonia"; from Greek "harmonia" - agreement, concord of sounds; also as a proper name, the personification of music, literally means of joining; also settled government, order; related to "harmos" - fastenings of a door; joint, shoulder; using combinations of notes to form chords (16c.); sense of agreement of feeling, concord (14c.)" - etymonline.com

Graceful Solutions has its roots in buddhism where I discovered the theory that if there is peace within then there is perfection without; and now I am currently exploring our christian heritage and sometimes dig up the most profound gem...

" ‘God, who makes everything work together,

will work you into his most excellent harmonies"

Phillipians 4:9

Also planning to read Prince Charles' book on harmony

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