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February Blog

It's been a slow month as is to be expected during the season of hibernation; a time for rest and sowing bulbs (literally and metaphorically) although it’s “Imbolc” on 1st February (from sunset), an ancient celtic celebration which marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox; and the re-emergence of life so hopefully this will get reflected in my energy levels and opportunities for work.

I’ve actually written a song about the hope of the snowdrop at this time of year if you fancy a listen

Otherwise my most exciting discovery this month has been finding funding to pay a freelance PA a proper rate to help artists with disabilities apply for arts council funding, which is pretty amazing!!! Check it out here and contact me if you need help!

I’ve also been researching admin jobs in the music industry as this is possibly my niche? Wouldn’t it be fab to get an EA role for Warner Music in LA or something?! I need challenging…

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