• Sara Vian


"When candidates for public office in ancient Rome wanted to be elected, they had to do just what modern candidates must do. They had to spend most of their time going around the city urging the citizens to vote for them. The Latin word for this effort was "ambitio", which came from "ambire", a verb meaning "to go around." Since this "ambition" was caused by a desire for honor or power, the word eventually came to mean "the desire for honor or power." This word came into French and English as "ambition" in the late Middle Ages. Later its meaning broadened to include "an admirable desire for advancement or improvement" and still later "the object of this desire." - www.wordcentral.com

Flowers reach for the sun. Life grows, expands and multiplies. We need to feel that we are progressing and oppression of this is a terrible thing so let's be mindful of the words we speak to each other in order to harbour encouragement and improvement; let us edify each other.

I used to be addicted to a lot of bad habits and was definitely a spoiled "sluggard" so I had to put a lot of work into choosing good habits until I got the momentum going, and then I was able to transfer the addiction from bad habits to self-improvement and enjoying life - OLE!

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